Welcome to the mathematics department, this is a department which comprises of one subject -

Mathematics. The main objective is to enable students to reason logically.
As a department, to achieve this we have programmes for performance improvement such as group discussion, contests and we also motivate the students to understand mathematics is not that hard neither am saying its easy, its what you believe in that is important.


This is a department which offers two languages (Kiswahili and English)
The departments objective is to cultivate a tradition of communicating using both English

and Kiswahili by all students, as well as to improve the performance of the subject in the

National examination.
The department is manned by the following; committed and able teachers;




In the guidance and counseling department, our most powerful source on influencing clients in a healthy and positive direction is through our own living examples of who we are as well as a willingness to become the person we want to be.
If we as guidance counselors we hide behind the safety of our professional roles, then we will not be surprised if our students (clients) do likewise and keep to themselves.
This is a department where our output may not be realized on the spot (physical) but behavioral change and even academic excellence is a reflection of what counseling does to students.
We believe in being available for our clients, creating trust building a lasting relationship and walking with our clients.
Our passion is to see clients accepting their uniqueness, building confidence self-esteem and living better lives every day of their life.
It is through our readiness as well as our aliveness that we are in a position to significantly reach and touch our clients.  Despite the challenges, we never give up we believe yesterday is history, today is a gift and tomorrow is not ours.


Applied and Technical Subjects

This department is composed of the following subjects

Home Science, Agriculture, Computer studies, Business studies, Physical Education and computer literacy skills


This is one of the Academic Departments in the School. It offers Agriculture, Home Science, Computer Studies and Business Studies.

The Department has 6 (six) members of staff currently. We have a  modern very well furnished computer laboratory and a home science laboratory.  As a department, we offer IT literacy skills to all our learners.

The department has the following Motto, Mission, and Vision.

Motto: Creativity and Technology for self-reliance.

Mission: To disseminate technological knowledge, skills, and attitude to learners to realize their full potential thereby equipping them to fit well in the society and contribute to nation building.

Vision: To be a department of academic and technological excellence producing self-reliant students for the development of a better society


Boarding Department

 In this department, we try to enhance hygiene in the Houses and the Dining Hall. Students enjoy a free stay in their respective dormitories and catering department.

Dining hall

To reduce wastage of time during lunch break, cooks do serve food on tables before students come out of class. This has left students with a lot of time to go through their academic work.


The committee members are charged with the responsibility of coordinating the departments activities to ensure the smooth running of the department.

The department has organized a moment of glory (M.O.G.) for honoring top students with B grades and above in each class and the ceremony nicknamed Moment of sorrow in which those students scoring

D-(minus) and below are advised on how to improve


This department consists of three subjects namely Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Chemistry is compulsory in the school while Biology and Physics are elective subjects. 

The department has seven teachers and one laboratory technician who assists in the preparation of practicals. Lets all strive hard and success will be ours.


 The school relies on this department for good results. Humanities are essential in our everyday life and students must be persistent in their endeavor to succeed them. We urge the students to play their role by having a positive mental attitude, plan and set high personal goals and above all pray God.

Fee Structure


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